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Agricultural operation intelligent blower

   1. the use of greenhouse automatic fan can save manpower and material resources and durability.

2. the automatic shed fan can keep the ideal temperature and prevent the temperature from rising and falling. According to the different growth stages of fruits and vegetables, the appropriate temperature can be set. When the temperature is higher than the set temperature, the equipment can automatically switch on and off the tuyere. At the same time, the exhaust system starts to cool down, so as to ensure that the indoor temperature meets the ideal requirements and provide a good growth environment for crops. It is incomparable with the traditional cooling method.

3. the automatic shed fan can save labor, save time and labor. After using this equipment, the tuyere of solar greenhouse can be opened and sealed repeatedly automatically according to the rise and fall of temperature. There is no need to guard the temperature there. The automatic ventilation fan in greenhouse can keep the temperature in the solar greenhouse at the set ideal temperature all the time without worrying about the damage to crops due to the unstable temperature.

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