Any further technical information about Huayin?
Shenzhen Huayin Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. adopts highly advanced technology to produce Huayin. Advanced and contemporary technology means more elaborate operations on machines and assembly lines which are both applied to making the products be of long-lasting performance and surprisingly long lifespan. We have also employed professional engineers who are experienced in producing the goods for several years.

Huayin shows deep professionalism in designing and manufacturing Lamp Holder series. As one of Huayin's multiple product series, waterproof plug series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. The product is 100% recyclable, containing no toxic materials and it will help to reduce carbon footprint by up to a third. With its beautiful appearance, the product contributes to the delicate project layout. With the quality certification of waterproof wire connectors, the Lamp Holder series is of higher performance than other products. With the PVC material covered, the product is anti-aging.

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