Business type of Huayin Industrial Technology
Shenzhen Huayin Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is a small and medium-sized mini usb light manufacturer in China. A manufacturing business combines raw materials, labor, and factory overhead in its production process. The manufactured goods will then be sold to customers. Our company operates under a clean environment and the strictest quality control. Our ongoing pursuit of "customer satisfaction" encourages us to take up the challenge of the "next."

Huayin has obtained a high industry status for its superior waterproof extension cord. Huayin focuses on providing a variety of Aviation Connector for customers. Because of the high levels of heat produced by HUA YIN waterproof electrical connectors, the aluminum PCB board that contains a thin layer of dielectric that allows quicker heat dissipation is attached to printed boards. Due to its affordable price, the product has a very high performance-price ratio. dc cable is well packed before loading to containers. The product can be quickly installed, which means less labor cost.

The objective of HUA YIN brand would be to take the lead in the area of Distributor Connector. Welcome to visit our factory!
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