How long it will take for ODM processing?
The processing is quick; however, idea exchange, quality control, etc. may take a certain period. Before the processing begins, we will notify you of the total cost for design, prototyping and estimated cost per 2 pin way waterproof electrical wire connector plug . This may take time to finalize it. In the processing, we maintain stringent quality standards and ensures the products go through rigorous quality checks at every stage of production.

Shenzhen Huayin Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is a highly reliable supplier and manufacturer of waterproof extension cord. The electrical t connector series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The R&D team of HUA YIN PVC Waterproof Plug has spent time and energy into ensuring the best method for heat cancelation and improving both the intensity of the LED and its efficiency. It is widely applicable to all kinds of high-power outdoor engineering connections. The product becomes more efficient and last even longer when used in cold temperatures. So it runs well in even the coldest climate. The product has a strong performance with a rated current of 5.

Huayin, adhering to its service tenet of serving clients with heart and soul, is widely trusted by its clients. Please contact us!
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