Waterproof Connector & Plug

Assembled waterproof plugs can be divided into straight-through, T-type three-way, wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, straight head, and so on.

Ordinary waterproof joint is mainly made of PVC high-temperature raw material plastic molds and high-quality pure copper injection.

Through the strengthening of various processes, the common plastic model has many styles and very high performance-price ratio. 

Outdoor M20 line to air plug
6 Core Elbow Welded Connector

Waterproof Elbow Connector

LED Head Cable Connector
Male and Female Waterproof Joint
High Power Waterproof Connector
M18 Copper Nut IP68 Connector

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 Shenzhen Rongjiawei Electronics Co., Ltd. a professional manufacturer which research and produce outdoor engineering LED waterproof wire  Connectors and Cable products.The factory mainly uses mechanized operations, over 50 advanced manufacturing equipments to complete OEM and ODM services according to customers' requirements.


Has a complete and scientific quality management system, and builds the industry's first A brand. Since the company was founded in 2007, Huayin has maintained rapid growth, through independent research system and the continuous innovation, the company has brought new vitality to LED industry. As a professional waterproof joint connector enterprise, productsand application solutions of Huayin have been selected by many famous engineering and well-known brands. Product quality has been recognized by the industry. 

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