Reliable company for waterproof electrical plugs and sockets
Actually, many manufacturers are reliable manufacturing waterproof electrical plug in China. You're expected to make it clear about the needs and find the specific manufacturer. Generally, the producer ought to be reliable by product quality, pricing and service. Shenzhen Huayin Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is recommended, thanks to the well-recognized high performance-cost ratio.

Huayin has created great achievements in the field of waterproof plug. Huayin focuses on providing a variety of Metal PVC Waterproof Plug for customers. To ensure minimum maintenance and long life of HUA YIN waterproof electrical plug , our team specialize in solder masks that protect the PCB and requires minimal upkeep. The product can be quickly installed, which means less labor cost. The product including RGB power LEDs and dimmable white LEDs does not contain any mercury at all, nor any other toxic gasses. It can be applied for various mechanical equipment such as intelligent spray machine, etc.

Huayin aims to fully introducing its waterproof plug into international markets. Welcome to visit our factory!
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