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waterproof y wire connector power cable for cultivation

waterproof y wire connector power cable for cultivation

Waterproof y wire connector power cable for cultivation

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HY-Y connector
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Product Description
1 in N out Y type, Before quotation please send me simple drawing about what you want, I need to know the wire size and each cable length. Then I will send advice for you.
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Company Advantages
1. HUA YIN y wire connector is innovatively designed. It is carried out by our designers who know how to minimize susceptibility and radiation of the electric appliances.
2. HUA YIN y piece connector is the outcome of sophisticated manufacturing processes. During the production stage, the nominal voltage, power source type, rated power, insulation, and water resistance grade have gone through repeated experiments and testing.
3. HUA YIN y piece connector is produced in line with environmental protection requirements. The electrolyte and metal ingredients in the battery cells have been tested to meet the national standards for the battery industry.
4. HUA YIN y piece connector will go through a series of tests after produced. It is scrutinized in terms of colorfastness, dimensional stability, appearance after washing, quality of thread and yarns, etc.
5. HUA YIN y piece connector will be inspected comprehensively. The battery cells will be tested in different operation environments, including fault condition, high-pressure condition, or combustion condition to check its safety performance.
6. y wire connector has a broad application future because of its powerful advantages.
7. y piece connector has the various excellent characteristics, which is increasingly and widely applied to the domestic y wire connector industry.
8. Multiple times of testing are conducted to ensure its quality.
9. Based on the rigorous inspection of the entire process, the quality is 100% guaranteed.
10. There is a wide range of usages for our y wire connector , such as y piece connector .
11. With big capacity for y wire connector , Shenzhen Huayin xingye Technology Co., Ltd. can make timely delivery.
12. Shenzhen Huayin xingye Technology Co., Ltd. has strong new product development capabilities for y wire connector and strong market competitiveness.
13. The development of Shenzhen Huayin xingye Technology Co., Ltd. benefits the people in the surrounding communities.
14. Over the years, HUA YIN has been growing rapidly in y wire connector market.

waterproof y wire connector power cable for cultivation-1
Product features:

 Beautiful appearance and strong performance
  High safety and long service life
  Waterproof, moisture proof, anti-corrosion
  Anti-flame retardancy anti-UV
  Fireproof, high temperature resistant, sun-proof, anti-aging, strong pressure resistance
  Sturdy shell, quick installation
  Easy to repair

Product application range (use):


Widely applicable to all kinds of high-power outdoor engineering connections, such as:

LED light strips, spotlighting, wall washing landscape lighting, billboard lighting, tunnel lighting, LED flood lighting, street lighting, open-air stage, display screen, etc., and the products can also be used along the coast, river, lake or underwater engineering, mining engineering.

waterproof y wire connector power cable for cultivation-2
waterproof y wire connector power cable for cultivation-3
waterproof y wire connector power cable for cultivation-4

Underground engineering and heating projects:

such as floor heating tiles, etc., solar water heater integration/ multi-body lithium battery solar light, solar wind power farm.

waterproof y wire connector power cable for cultivation-5
waterproof y wire connector power cable for cultivation-6
waterproof y wire connector power cable for cultivation-7

Working machinery:

such as intelligent spray machine, intelligent greenhouse blower, insecticidal lamp and various mechanical equipment. Also can be used in communications field such as subway, high-speed rail, car and international aerospace.

waterproof y wire connector power cable for cultivation-8
waterproof y wire connector power cable for cultivation-9
waterproof y wire connector power cable for cultivation-10

Product advantage:


The product is made from the same set of cord with the same appearance , but is different from the inside structure, for example:

The tangent must be cut by automaton to avoid the length difference and copper wire broken (have video)
After crimping the terminal, it must be manually checked to avoid packing glue or copper wire leaking (have video)
After crimping terminal and fully inspected, it should be strengthened by tinning (have video)
After strengthening tin, covering conduit to avoid breaking (have video)
Molding after two injection molding (including inside and outer mold) (have video)
Each waterproof product connector must pass 2 meter deep waterproof test
QC test after single cord is tested, high-voltage test will be processed if necessary (have video comparison), if it is a single-head test, it will result in defective products after shipment of those finished product

Normally, the steps is cutting the cord- crimp terminal- molding- testing and then shipped. If various processes are not strengthened, it will be easy to cause problems such as high possibility of defective product and short product life during use time of customer. However, the problem is not existing in our products because our products are not only have beautiful appearance, but also have durable life.

Company Features
1. The tight network of production bases, sales and service training stations of Shenzhen Huayin xingye Technology Co., Ltd. is throughout the country. Many excellent agents and suppliers are willing to work for Shenzhen Huayin xingye Technology Co., Ltd.. Shenzhen Huayin xingye Technology Co., Ltd. boasts its capacity and stable quality. HUA YIN seized the favorable opportunity to achieve the rapid growth in the history of y wire connector industry.
2. We have built up a strong R&D team. Their extensive R&D activities let us quickly develop products with new functions that meet emerging customer needs. The company has high-quality engineering personnel, professional sales staff and skilled technical workers. With excellent technical strength, Shenzhen Huayin xingye Technology Co., Ltd. is deeply trusted by customers.
3. We combine our industry knowledge with renewable and recyclable materials. In this way, we are able to meet customer demand for environmentally friendly products. Our company aims to be a long term, reliable supplier with a wide product range and solid product quality. We will put more effort into improving our manufacturing abilities. We take steps to maintain sustainable development. We minimize energy consumption and lower production waste while thinking highly of environmental impacts. We are committed to realizing our sustainability goals. We work with our customers in a safe, energy-efficient and environmentally conscious manner.
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